Core competencies

SPEC Engineering Company operates with validated equipment and processes.

CNC milling:

Our vertical machining centers offer the flexibility and capacity to machine a broad range of parts from small geometry components to large work pieces.  Our investment in the most current cutting technologies, high speed spindle 4 & 5-axis machining centers, allows us to produce complex shapes and tight tolerance parts in one continuous set-up providing consistent process accuracy.  This reduces time and risk of potential error as well as granting maximal cost efficiency. Our VMC’s have the capability of drilling holes up to 30 times the diameter of the drill. All holes above 0.060” diameter are bored, ensuring location and size accuracy.

CNC turning:

Our CNC Swiss screw machines are veritably cost effective in manufacturing complex configuration and size parts in a single set-up. Our facility is equipped with 7, 9 and 13 axis CNC Swiss machines, ranging from 0.060” to 1.250” diameter with live tool capability. This allows us to turn, mill, cross and off-center drill, broach, bore and tap parts achieving high accuracy and optimal cycle time. Our CNC lathes with up to 2.00” diameter thru spindle holes permit us to manufacture parts utilizing bar feeders for cost and lead time reduction.

Wire EDM:

SPEC Engineering offers wire EDM capability that provides excellent manufacturing process control for machining tight tolerance, minimal corner radius’s and burr-free parts.

  • Complete de-burring & finishing in-house

We offer automated tumbling and hand de-burring and polishing capabilities.

  • Laser marking

SPEC offers laser marking, including 2-D marking, on metals using diode pump laser machines for greater reproduction – Validated Process.

We offer epoxy filled marking on carbon fiber and carbon filled materials.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning – Validated Process.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the first-rate method of washing machined parts. It is a most effective method to ensure contaminant free cleaning in hard to reach places and inside of long cannulated blind hole parts.






Citric Acid PassivationValidated Process.

At SPEC Engineering we utilize a validated process for all passivation requirements.