SPEC Engineering Company is a reputable contract manufacturer of medical devices components.  Materials commonly used in manufacturing are all grades of stainless, titanium, special alloys, aluminum and composites;  ie. ORTEK WF, TECATEC PEKK CW60, carbon filled PEEK.  SPEC Engineering is also experienced in machining a broad range of plastic resins, to include RADEL, ULTEM & CELCON.

Examples of assemblies / components manufactured by SPEC Engineering

  • High Precision, tight tolerance targeting devices made from stainless steel and composite materials such as ORTEK WF, TECATEC PEKK CW60, XP-98, and ULTEM 2300.
  • Targeters – tibia, femoral, humeral and retrograde drill guide assemblies.
  • Drill sleeves, guide wire gripper assemblies, hex driver assemblies up to 17” length,
  • Measuring tools; Tibia, femoral and humeral screw depth gauges and calipers.
  • Surgical components – 6Al-4V-Eli titanium.